Technical writing services

Do you need someone to research and write your documentation?

My technical writing services include online content, user manuals, procedures, summaries and reports. When writing for you, I can gather the information for you or use the information you or your staff provide.

The technical writing process starts with a planning meeting to discuss the audience, purpose and timeline of the publication. I aim to deliver a clear and well-structured documents that bring across your ideas and information to your readers in a format that is easy to understand.

A diagram of the writing process (planning, research, structuring, writing, revising, editing, testing and publishing), showing the steps involved.

Documentation types

I have worked on:

  • computer software manuals
  • training manuals
  • procedures
  • fact sheets
  • check lists
  • technical documentation
  • online content.

I will ensure that your technical documentation:

  • accurately explains the problem being solved or the procedure
  • presents the concepts clearly
  • is logically structured and easy to navigate
  • is easy to revise and update.

Technical skills

I have worked on technical documents for several organisations and government departments in Canberra. Main skills include:

Project examples: see editing, ebook publishing, indexing and publication management

Cost details

You can engage my technical writing or editing services for a short or long term, on-site or off-site. Costs are calculated at an hourly rate. Please ask about rates and availability below.
I have a basic security clearance for Australian Government departments.

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