Self-publishing services

Self-publishing services


If you are a writer with a draft manuscript that is ready for publication, self-publishing is a possible next step.

My services, therefore, focus on helping you create an ebook in PDF or EPUB format.

Both PDF and EPUB formats are final ebook products. You can make these ebooks available to your readers or upload them to a self-publishing platform such as Apple Books or Amazon (and many more). The latter platforms then convert your publication their own ebook format or to a print book.

Microsoft Word and self-publishing

My approach to self-publishing is to keep publications simple and clear (both in content and in format). A simple format is to the writer’s advantage as well as to the reader’s. When the formatting is simple, the publication is easier to create and update. It is also cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper to sell.

The simplest way to format your publication into book format, is to use Microsoft Word (MS Word).

Yes MS Word!

MS Word is still the most-used writing or editing tool and most people have it on their computer. It is also a good tool for formatting, as many features are built-in and hyperlinks are easy to insert. For example, formatting tools easily accessible in MS Word include styles, numbering, pagination, headers and footers, content tables, indexing, internal cross-references, bibliographic citations, references and endnotes.

In addition, an MS Word document is easy to convert into a publication-ready PDF or into a free-flowing EPUB format. Either of those ebook formats are suitable  as downloads on your own website, or uploads to online publishing platforms.

I provide two services to help you prepare for self-publishing (click the links to find out more):

Free EPUB ebook publication

If you wonder what a publication formatted in MS Word looks like, download the ebook ‘A voyage to New South Wales’ by John White from the Rubida Shop. It is free.

All ebooks available in the Rubida Shop have been formatted created using MS Word and are also available on online platforms as ebooks.

Example of self publishing using MS Word: A voyage to New South Wales
This EPUB ebook was formatted using MS Word. It is available free from the Rubida shop.