Scientific writing and editing services

I have a scientific background in biology, and specialise in general scientific and medical subjects.

Papers, reports, books or university theses

Scientific documents, be they articles, reports, fact sheets or books, often have a specific message that needs to be brought to the reader.

To write a document that will be well received by your specific audience, you need to make it clear, structured and easy to understand.

I can help you to deliver high-quality scientific documents.

The writing process

Writing services

I specialise in botanical, zoological, ecological, agricultural and environmental subjects.


A scientific document that was originally written for a specific audience, may be highly specialised and use terminology and jargon that cannot easily be understood by non-specialist readers.

I can rewrite these documents for you and provide you with a document in plain English that is easy to understand by the general reader.


A summary condenses the information of a document and reduces jargon and specialised terminology. It includes the main idea of the larger document and also provides the main evidence to support that idea.

I can summarise long and complex documents for you. A summary will make your document more accessible to a variety of audiences who may not have the time or patience to read your full document.

Editing services

I offer three levels of editing:

  • substantive editing — when you would like the structure, content and clarity checked before continuing to a copyedit
  • copyediting — when you are happy with the structure and content, but need language, consistency, spelling, grammar and punctuation checked
  • proofreading — when structure, content, and language are finalised, your document has been graphically designed in its final format, and you need someone to do a final check (completeness, correctness, illustrations, layout).

Cost details

Scientific writing and editing costs are calculated at an hourly rate, based on the type of document and complexity of subject matter.

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