EPUB conversion and formatting services

Why convert your book to an ebook?

Electronic publications in PDF format are very frustrating to read on smart phones and tablets.
To avoid frustrating your readers, convert your document to an EPUB or MOBI ebook. This will make it adjust to the screen of any device.
If your document is ready for publishing, conversion can be quick.

Why is a PDF not suitable?

Smart phones, electronic readers and tablets are not well suited for reading fixed-format PDF documents.
Standard A4 pages are too large to view easily on small screens and require zooming in and out (see illustration).
The best solution is to also deliver your publication in a format such as EPUB. This makes the content of your document free flowing, with no need for zooming or scrolling.
Once in EPUB format, your document will be easy to read on all devices.

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Publish with Rubida ePress

For more details, see Book submissions.

View of PDF on a smart phone

When a PDF is opened on a smart phone, only this section is visible. The other text is outside the view.

What is required to convert documents to EPUB?

To convert your publication to EPUB, I need:

  • the text file in Word or PDF format
  • the images and illustrations in publication resolution
  • publication details.

If published through Rubida ePress, the ISBN is free. I will also upload the ebook to Amazon, Apple and Google.

Cost details

Conversion to EPUB does not have to be expensive.
The most affordable way is to use the Rubida EPUB template.
You can also request a custom-made template for your publication.

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Preview the standard template

The ebook ‘A voyage to New South Wales’ has been converted using the standard template. View it by clicking on the cover image below.

A voyage to New South Wales