EPUB conversion and formatting services

EPUB conversion services include:

    • Microsoft Word to EPUB conversion
    • Microsoft Word to MOBI conversion
    • PDF to EPUB conversion
    • PDF to MOBI conversion.
EPUB conversion: Screen capture of an EPUB ebook text on an iPhone 5 screen.

An ebook on an iPhone, showing how the text reflows to fit the page size of an iPhone.

What you need

To create an ebook that can be read on smartphones, tablets and popular eReaders, I will need:

  • your final edited and proofed text in a Microsoft Word document
  • your guarantee that you own the full copyright to all the content (i.e. text, images, logo, etc.)
  • a designed book cover image at 300 ppi resolution and 1410 px by 2250 px
  • your publishing details
  • a one-page (or less) blurb about your book
  • your author biography (with or without an image).

If applicable, I also need:

  • images at 300 ppi resolution at the maximum width of 1400 px and maximum height of 2250 px
  • your logo at 75-100 pixels maximum height or width
  • a selection of recommended keywords for your ebook.


I do not use an automated EPUB conversion platform, but convert all books myself. This takes time, but delivers higher quality documents.

As a guide:

  • $550 — for a text-only book of 100 A4 pages,* 1 cover image and 1 author image
  • $950 — for a text and images book of 100 A4 text pages,* and 50 images (including cover image).

For PDF to EPUB conversions; books with complex formatting, internal links, a back of book index; or books that have more than 100 A4 pages* and/or more than 50 images, please contact me for a quote.

*Please make sure your files comply with the requirements listed under ‘What you need’ above. Calculate your page numbers in MS Word, using Times New Roman or Arial font at 11 pt.

What you get

Included in the above price is:

  • an EPUB ebook file, suitable for most smartphones and tablets (this format is also suitable for submission to Amazon, who will convert it to its own format at no extra cost)
  • my professional assistance and advice about the publication process, requirements and how to become an ebook author.

Publish with Rubida ePress

If your book has a scientific or naturalistic subject, you can apply to publish under Rubida ePress.

If you are accepted for publication under Rubida ePress, you will also receive:

  • free ISBN number
  • a free listing on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Google Play at a sales price set by you
  • an annual amalgamated sales report from the above sales platforms
  • 80% of royalty payments returned from the above sales platforms, paid annually.

Preview an ebook example

The ebook A voyage to New South Wales has been converted using a standard template.

You can view it by clicking on the cover image below or download it from the shop for free.

Note that the font and background colour for ebooks can be changed by the reader on the ebook device.

EPUB conversion: Formatted ebook A voyage to New South Wales

EPUB conversion: Formatted ebook A voyage to New South Wales

For more information, read my blog All about ebooks.

Why convert your book to an ebook?

Electronic publications in PDF format are very difficult to read on smart phones and tablets.
To avoid frustrating your readers, convert your document to an EPUB or MOBI ebook. This will make it adjust to the screen of any device.
If your document is ready for print publishing, EPUB conversion can be quick.

Why is a PDF not suitable?

Smart phones, electronic readers (eReaders) and tablets are not well suited for reading fixed-format PDF documents.
Standard A4 pages are too large to view easily on small screens and require zooming in and out (see illustration).
The best solution is to also deliver your publication in a format such as EPUB. This makes the content of your document free flowing, with no need for zooming or scrolling.
Once in EPUB format, your document will be easy to read on eReaders, phones and tablets.

See also: All about ebooks

EPUB conversion: View of PDF on a smart phone

When a PDF is opened on a smart phone, only this section is visible. The other text is outside the view.


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