Custom templates for MS Word

No more corrupted pages or styles!

Does the formatting of your document take valuable time away from your writing?

I can create a customised template so you never need to have formatting problems again.

Features include:

  • layout-adjusted, formatted headers with automated section titles or other customised content
  • automated footers showing correct page numbering and other customised content
  • styled paragraphs, lists and headings
  • dynamically updating contents tables, figure lists and table lists
  • dynamically updating numbered sections, lists, figures and tables
  • dynamically updating cross-references, citations and bibliographies.

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A simple template in MS Word


You do not have to be a Word expert to create professional documents

By giving your staff effective document templates, they can create professional documents without spending time on formatting and layout.

A custom template is built according to your specifications and will have your:

  • title, heading and text styles
  • pre-set headers and footers
  • style colours applied to text boxes, tables and figures.


A custom template can:

  • eliminate document set-up and formatting time
  • give writers easy access to pre-defined styles
  • produce print-ready drafts at all stages of the writing process
  • be updated quickly to follow the changes in your organisation.

Custom ribbon toolbar



MS Word is a very complex program, and it is easy to forget where the correct features to format your document are located.

I can create a customised Word ribbon toolbar for your organisation where links to all these features are together on one ribbon.

This will help your staff style their documents quickly and professionally.

For example, the customised ribbon toolbar can include:

  • heading styles
  • list styles
  • paragraph styles
  • buttons to insert a table, figure, text box.
  • other buttons specific to your needs.