Content review services

Would you like a review or assessment of your document or website content?

This is a quick service that provides you with an assessment report.

I will review your document or website content and check it for clarity, consistency, accessibility, user-friendliness and a range of other characteristics.

The report you receive will allow you to revise your work and make changes to improve the content and structure.

Content review checks

Assessment types

The review process can be applied to a range of products:

  • reports and books
  • manuals
  • procedures
  • technical documentation
  • online content.

Review checks

Specific checks include:

  • clarity of structure
  • ease of navigation
  • use of language, including style, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • use of acronyms and specialist terminology
  • consistency
  • use of illustrations, tables, figures, boxes and diagrams
  • accessibility of online material.

Cost details

Please contact me for a quote.

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Do you need a more in-depth review?

For a thorough revision of your document, please see: