Project summary

Older Yet Faster editing, formatting, indexing and ebook production

Writers Keith Bateman and Heidi Jones have put their lifetime experiences and knowledge into this unique book about running. This is the updated second edition of their self-published book.

I worked with the authors to improve structure and presentation, edited the book, and created the back-of-book index. I also looked after the layout of internal pages for the print book, and formatted and produced the ebooks.

The book has over 60 beautifully drawn colour illustrations to explain the theory.

Older Yet Faster

Keith’s knowledge of running and technique change, and Heidi’s professional experience as a podiatrist combine beautifully in this book. This is a well researched book with clear explanations of both running technique and its physical mechanics.

Together, the authors deliver an easy manual for beginners and experienced runners on how to run using the ‘Older Yet Faster’ technique and stay injury free.

The new ebook is available online at the Rubida ePress SHOP.

Older Yet Faster - Keith Bateman and Heidi Jones