Project summary

Australian plants for Canberra region gardens
production management and indexing

This book is the product of volunteer labour of love. I worked on this project with a team of five other volunteers from the Australian Native Plants Society (ANPS), Canberra Region from February 2008 to March 2015.

I was the convener of the Book Working Group and led the update and production process for this fifth edition of the book. I also compiled the back-of-book index and provided some of the photographs. We completely revised the text and added more than 1000 photographs to the book.

Australian plants for Canberra region gardens

This book brings together over 50 years of gardening experience by past and present members of the Australian Native Plants Society—formerly the Society for Growing Australian Plants—Canberra Region.

The first chapters discuss the climate, soil and growing conditions in the Canberra region. These are used to guide the reader in designing their own garden using the microclimates they have or create in their garden.

The second part of the book describes and illustrates many local and other Australian plants that will be suitable for the garden in the Canberra region.

A book review can be found here. More information about the book can be found on the ANPS website.

Australian plants for Canberra region gardens