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A voyage to New South Wales
ebook production

To celebrate the start of the Rubida ePress imprint, I produced and published an ebook edition of this first fleet journal by John White. I converted content from Project Gutenberg Australia into a new design and template, including all 64 colour drawings that came with the original edition.

A voyage to New South Wales

This journal by John White was originally published by J. Debrett, London 1790.

John White travelled to Australia as chief surgeon on the convict ship Charlotte, as part of the British First Fleet in 1787. His journal covers the trip to New South Wales and time spent in New South Wales from March 1787 to November 1788.

This work gives a very interesting peek into Australia’s history. Many Australian species are described for the first time. The 65 colour plates of animals, birds, lizards, snakes, plants and other items John White thought interesting are all included in this ebook version.

It is available online at the Rubida ePress SHOP.

A voyage to New South Wales