Older Yet FasterCongratulations to Keith Bateman and Heidi Jones on the release of the Older Yet Faster print book and ebook!

Rubida Communications edited and indexed the book, and formatted the print and ebook versions.

The ebook is available through the Rubida Shop. The print book is available through the authors’ Older Yet Faster Publications website.

This book is quite something. In Older Yet Faster, Keith and Heidi teach both experienced and beginning runners a new way to run. This new running technique is not only based on the authors’ own experiences as runners, but also on their expert knowledge as coach and trainer (Keith) and as podiatrist (Heidi).

They have assembled a wealth of information in this book and created exercises to teach the ‘Older Yet Faster’ technique. The book also provides strengthening exercises to support the new running technique, and rehabilitation exercises for runners who may have injured themselves. All exercises are explained in detail and beautifully illustrated by Ainsley Knott in 60 colour illustrations.

In the appendixes, Keith and Heidi also provide in-depth background information for other coaches and podiatrists. This is where they show coaches how to teach the ‘Older Yet Faster’ technique, and podiatrists how to help runners get strong and heal injuries while preventing future re-injuries.

A great achievement!






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