Southern Cross safari

Southern Cross Safari front coverAround Australia by bus and train

By Bruce Gall

In Southern Cross Safari, author Bruce Gall takes the reader on a 26,000-kilometre (16,000-mile) bus and train trip around Australia. He explores the nature of the country, its fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes.

We climb fire-spotting trees, look for rare animals, scale mountains, go bushwalking (hiking), explore national parks, brave wild weather and meet a host of interesting backpackers – and many local characters as well! We read Aboriginal legends, discover Australia’s early Dutch, French and British connections, discuss climate change, and much more.

The author travels like Paul Theroux, with Bill Bryson’s sense of humour, but tells his own story, crafting meticulous word pictures, delightful dialogue and humorous anecdotes that will entertain to the very last page — vicarious travelling at its best.

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Trip companion

Bruce has now completed the online ‘trip companion’ for his book. View the photographic story of his travels here.

Book review

Read Ian Fraser’s review of Bruce’s book in the Canberra Times here.

Bruce Gall

About the author

Bruce Gall grew up in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from university in agricultural science, he worked as a park ranger in Ku-ring-gai Chase, Kosciuszko and Sturt National Parks. He then completed a master’s degree in ecology, and worked as a wildlife research officer, studying koalas and conducting fauna surveys in southern New South Wales.Bruce then returned to park management, becoming Superintendent of Australia’s largest national park, the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. After six years at Kakadu, he relocated to Canberra as Manager of the ACT Conservation and Wildlife Unit. From here he moved to Brisbane, taking up the position of Director of the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. He is a current member of the World Commission on Protected Areas.

Bruce now lives in Canberra. Southern Cross safari is his first book.


Excluding 10% tax


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