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A voyage to New South Wales

Journal 1787–88
By John White

A fascinating peek into the first days of colonisation of Australia, with beautiful colour plates of animals and plants that had only just been discovered.

This journal by John White was originally published by J. Debrett, London 1790.

John White was chief surgeon on the convict ship Charlotte, which was part of the First Fleet travelling to Australia in 1787 to establish a convict settlement at Botany Bay.

His journal covers the trip to New South Wales and time spent in New South Wales from March 1787 to November 1788.

The journal was sent to England together with specimens of species he collected. It was published with 65 engravings, made in England from the specimens he sent, with descriptions by English specialists.

Many Australian species are described and illustrated for the first time in this work. The 65 colour plates of animals, birds, lizards, snakes, plants and other items he thought interesting are all included in this ebook version.

About the author

John White (1756–1832) was the principal naval surgeon for the voyage of the British First Fleet to Australia in 1787. Upon arrival in Australia, he was appointed Surgeon-General of New South Wales.

He was also a naturalist and had a great interest in the Australian flora and fauna, on which he reported in his journal, A voyage to New South Wales. His journal was published in England and later translated into German and French.


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