Book submissions

Rubida ePress is looking for suitable works for publication. Preferred subjects include scientific or naturalistic works on the environment, biodiversity, travel, natural history, ecology, conservation and other related topics.

Re-publishing of scientific or naturalistic documents that are out of print is also an option. Rubida ePress aims to use the e-platform to expose out-of-print documents to a new and much wider audience at a low cost.

Publishing services

Publishing services include:

  • ebook production
  • ebook ISBN and publication registration
  • ebook submission to Amazon, Apple and Google.

Submit a manuscript for publishing

Rubida ePress accepts submissions in the following categories:

  • scientific works
  • naturalistic works.

Preferred topics include:

  • the environment
  • biodiversity
  • travel with special attention to nature
  • natural history
  • ecology
  • conservation
  • other topics with relation to the natural environment and sustainability.

Guidelines for submissions

Please include in your submission:

  • your guarantee that the work is your own and that all parts used in the book (including illustrations, covers, appendixes, etc.) are free from copyright restrictions
  • a summary of the book
  • the book’s subject category
  • the book’s target audience (e.g. general public, scientific specialists, specific age groups)
  • a PDF of the completed document.

Use this form:

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