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Epublishing offers a rich and environmentally sustainable production process that is also more affordable than traditional publishing. Through its publications, Rubida ePress aims to celebrate the natural environment and promote a sustainable life that does not harm this planet.

Preferred subjects include scientific or naturalistic works on the environment, biodiversity, travel, natural history, ecology, conservation and other related topics.

Rubida ePress is an imprint of Rubida Communications.

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Books @ Rubida ePress


Older yet faster

By Keith Batemanand Heidi Jones
New third edition 2020! This inspirational book answers every technique-related question you might have and dispels the many ill-thought-out yet widely accepted 'rules' on running. It is the go-to manual for all runners, from beginner to expert, and for coaches and medical professionals wanting to learn how to treat running injuries quickly, efficiently and permanently.
Publisher: Older Yet Faster Publications Pty Ltd

Southern Cross safari

By Bruce Gall
In this intriguing travel narrative, author Bruce Gall takes the reader on a 26,000-kilometre (16,000-mile) bus and train trip around Australia, exploring the nature of the country, its fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes.

Understanding major donors

By Charlotte Grimshaw, Molly Masiello and Conor McCarthy
This guide by three of Australia’s most experienced specialists offers a wealth of practical advice on effective prospect research. It contains an overview of best practice, a comprehensive guide to Australian research resources, and advice on the role of research in major gift fundraising.
Publisher: Fundraising Research & Consulting

A speck in the cosmos

By Henry Caulfeild
This unusual autobiography of Henry St George Caulfeild (1851–1943) gives a peek into his life during colonial times in Ceylon and on the sugar plantations in Queensland, Australia.

A voyage to New South Wales

By John White
A fascinating peek into the first days of colonisation of Australia, with beautiful colour plates of animals and plants that had only just been discovered.