Introduction to PerfectIt online course

I recently wrote about my favourite editing tool, PerfectIt, a software add-on to Ms Word. Just this month, my friend and colleague Hilary Cadman from Cadman Editing Services has launched her Introduction to PerfectIt online course.

If you are interested in PerfectIt, but feel reluctant to learn yet another program, this course is the easiest way to jump this hurdle. The PerfectIt online course takes you through the setup of PerfectIt and how to use the program on your documents.

Also, the course takes only 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Therefore, this is a great way to start using the program, without the headache of working it all out by yourself.

Excellent value!

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‘Effective writing — Plain English at work’ by Elizabeth Manning Murphy and Hilary Cadman

This is an excellent book for writers who want to improve or refresh their skills of effective writing.

When I was doing my online editing course many years ago, I used the first edition of this book extensively. It has excellent examples and many exercises to test yourself. I still use it to look up examples when I want to explain something to a client or go back to the theory.

Content overview

This second edition of Effective writing has new material throughout that refers to writing using electronic media.

The book has three main sections:

  • the basics
  • writing effectively
  • creating effective documents.

The basics section covers many areas that are fundamental to writing. These include grammar, spelling, parts of speech, groups of words, paragraphs, punctuation and clear writing.

In the writing effectively section, attention goes to style, plain English expression and word choice.

The last section, on creating effective documents, focuses on the writing process and design. This section also discusses many types of written documents. Sections include: correspondence, minutes, emails, submissions and presentations. There is also a detailed section on report writing.

Effective writing has a back-of-book index.


The hard copy version of Effective writing is available online from the Book Depository and from Angus & Robertson Bookworld.

The book is also available as an ebook.


Other resources for writers and editors

To find other recommended resources for writers and editors, check the resources page.


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