Self-publishing services

If you are a writer with a draft manuscript that is ready for publication, self-publishing is a possible next step.
My services, therefore, focus on helping you create an ebook in PDF or EPUB format. Both the PDF and the EPUB format are final ebook products. You can make these ebooks available to your readers or upload them to a self-publishing platform such as Apple Books or Amazon (and many more). From the latter platforms, your publication can then be converted to the platform’s ebook format or delivered as a print book.

Understanding Major Donors ebook release

Congratulations to Charlotte Grimshaw, Molly Masiello and Conor McCarthy on the release of Understanding Major Donors ebook! Rubida Communications produced the epub ebook version of the book. Understanding Major Donors is a detailed work on prospect research in Australia. It contains numerous links and a wealth of information for Australian fundraisers. The Understanding Major Donors …

Project: A speck in the cosmos ebook production

Sisters Colleen Watts and Louise Brodie have carefully compiled this book, which is based on the autobiography of Henry Caulfeild, their great grandfather. I created the ebook in EPUB and kindle format. The book was published inhouse under the Rubida ePress imprint. It includes many interesting historical pictures and contains a family tree.

All about ebooks

What are ebooks? Ebooks have been around for a while now and still the definition can be a bit blurry. So, what are ebooks? According to Wikipedia, an ebook is ‘an electronic book’ or ‘digital book’. In other words, it is a book-publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers …