To deliver consistent work and find sound advice on writing and editing issues you don’t need a large bookshelf.
The following resources and reference documents are a good starting point. I highly recommend them.

Australian manual of scientific style (AMOSS)

The Australian manual of scientific style (AMOSS)

Whether you are a scientist writing journal articles or an editor working on scientific documents, I can strongly recommend the Australian manual of scientific style (AMOSS). This great resource can answer many of your questions about scientific writing style, language and editorial consistency. It also has special sections that focus ...
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Introduction to PerfectIt online course

I recently wrote about my favourite editing tool, PerfectIt, a software add-on to Ms Word. Just this month, my friend and colleague Hilary Cadman from Cadman Editing Services has launched her online Introduction to PerfectIt course. If you were interested in PerfectIt, but felt reluctant to learn yet another program, ...
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PerfectIt for writers and editors

Of the many proofreading aids for writers and editors, PerfectIt is my favourite. It is a Microsoft Word add-on program that will find many of the inconsistencies you have inadvertently left in your document. Here are some examples of the things it will find in your document:
Book cover image for the Macquarie Dictionary

‘Macquarie Dictionary’

I use and recommend the Macquarie Dictionary for spelling. The Australian Government and universities consider this work the authoritative source on Australian English. By using this work as your spelling standard, you adopt a consistent strategy, which readers will respect. Usage of the Macquarie Dictionary The Macquarie Dictionary is available ...
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Book cover for Effective Writing by Elizabeth Murphy and Hilary Cadman

‘Effective writing — Plain English at work’ by Elizabeth Manning Murphy and Hilary Cadman

This is an excellent book for writers who want to improve or refresh their skills of effective writing. When I was doing my online editing course many years ago, I used the first edition of this book extensively. It has excellent examples and many exercises to test yourself. I still ...
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Image of a page of a PDF file when opened on an smart phone

All about ebooks

What are ebooks? Ebooks have been around for a while now and still the definition can be a bit blurry. According to Wikipedia, an ebook is ‘an electronic book’ or ‘digital book’. In other words, it is a book-publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on ...
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Photograph of a note book for writers

My top-ten writing tips

To write a document that is well structured and easy to understand, you need to think about the whole document from the very beginning. These are my top-ten writing tips to help you get started. Use them as a guide while writing. They are particularly relevant for writers of technical ...
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Great tips to edit your own writing

Editing your own work is not an easy task. You become so closely involved with providing content that you can no longer look at your writing in an objective way or take on a reader's perspective. However, there are many copyediting tasks that a writer can do at any stage ...
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Format a new document in Microsoft Word - how to save a document

How to format a new document in Microsoft Word

Document layout does not have to be complex to look professional. Microsoft Word is a powerful tool that can help you write and publish your own work. However, it is complex to use. When you start writing and format a new document, many features can distract you from the real ...
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Book cover of Indexing books by Nancy Mulvany

‘Book indexing’ by Nancy C. Mulvany

This book is an excellent reference work for anyone who indexes books. While Book indexing is mostly intended for indexers, I still recommend it for writers and editors. Content overview Book indexing gives a good introduction to indexing. Importantly, it also contains sound advice for authors about how they can ...
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Book cover of the Australian Government Style Manual

‘Style manual for authors, editors and printers’ by DCITA, 6th edition

This manual is used by most departments of the Australian Government and by many other organisations, even though some departments also have an additional style manual for their department. The style manual covers the planning process, writing and editing, design, illustration usage, the legal aspects of publishing, and final product ...
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